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Fabindia is an Indian store retailing garments fabrics acne products handmade by craftspeople and furnishings all over the country and it is established by John Bissell and American who was working for the Ford Foundation in New Delhi and it was established in the year 1960. Previously before starting a business I mean stepping into domestic retail in 1976 it started out exporting home furnishers and it also opened its first Store in Greater Kailash New Delhi. The achievements of the company till today are it open 250 stores in the country and abroad. The primary products of the Fabindia textiles Handloom Apparels jewelry and home furnishings. William Bissell appointed as Managing Director in the year 1999 and the present revenue of Fab India according to 2000 reports are 65 million dollars. The products of Fabindia are vitally designed and craft by rural people of India and the main intention is to generate the employment in rural areas where there is no power supply till today in the country in some parts of the Nation. Presently there are 40000 craftsman and artisans in the country who are working under Fabindia.

The company was initially started with one man export company of home furnishing by the Founder John Basil in the year 1960 which was only 2 rooms in Golf Links flat as Fabindia. Used $20,000 as startup capital which was his diseases grandmother's legacy originally from Hartford when his grandfather was the president of Hartford fire and life insurance company. The sad thing is the Fabindia lost its biggest customer who is the United Kingdom in 1992 why I cannot group founder of IKEA. William started working with rural craftsmen and artisans across Rajasthan in setting up a various Weavers Association and one of the initial task taken by William was shifting family as the focus in the national market and to establish a retail chain and it had only two stores in Delhi.

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