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Courier9 online courier tracking portal will help you to easily track Easyjet couriers olnine. You can track Easyjet courier current status using the AWB number / Consignment number / Order Id provided by Easyjet. You can also visit the Easyjet courier company or call the Easyjet courier customer support in case you are not able to track Easyjet shipment online.

Easyjet Flight Tracker Online

Easyjet is a British oriented company which is fully related to airline and it will be operating under low-cost carrier model at London Luton airport. It provides services in the country and internationally over 820 rules 2 more than 30 countries Easyjet is listed on the London Stock Exchange of ftse 100 index. Easyjet was founded by Stelios Haji-Ioannou and his family members and this family is the largest shareholder of the company with 34% stake in the company. Easyjet employs around 11000 people throughout Europe and mostly or primarily it hires from the United Kingdom. Easyjet's head office is in Luton at Luton airport in London which was established in 1974.

Easyjet currently consists of the following aircraft as per the records of July 2017

1. Airbus A319-100 it is capable of carrying 156 passengers and it is one of the largest operators globally.

2. Airbus A320-200 on each trip 180 - 186 people can travel and more than that 186 people can sit comfortably.

3. Airbus A320 neo it would be into existence from 2017 to 2018.

4. Airbus A320 neo it is predicted to be delivered by 2018.

Previously the booking was only through telephone the mobile number will be also visible by seeing the aircraft painted with a telephonic number and there would be no incentives to travel agents to book the tickets on this particular aircraft. In the year 1997, the advertising agencies of the company suggested The founder launch of a portal page to make easy access and there should be no inconvenience while booking the tickets online. After hearing about that Idea he felt that the business will be collapsed and there will be no use of it. Later on in the year 1998 changed his decision and launched a website slowly he observed the success track and the booking were like Boom in April 1998 and this company would always provide services for lower cost in Europe.

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