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Dominos is a huge American pizza restaurant group which was founded in the year 1960. Tom Monaghan and his brother James purchase Dominic small pizza store in the year 1960 in Michigan and dad it was secured by paying $500 as down payment and later on these two brothers borrowed $900 to clear the remaining amount. James was a full-time postman and he is not interested in spending the time to develop the business but Tom showed a special interest to do something in his business. later on, in 1965 Tom purchased Two more Pizza stores and he is the owner of 3 pizza stores.

One day an employee returned from the store and suggested a unique name call Domino's then immediately Tom loved his suggestion and officially changed the title to Domino's Pizza in the year 1965. The company logo actually has three dots which means 3 stores the year 1965 Tom planet to add a new dot with the existing logo and later on the business is rapidly growing.

In the year 1983 Dominos opened its first international store in Canada in the same year Dominos opened its 1000th store in Washington. The present revenue of Dominos is $2.47billion dollars and operating income is $405.4 million dollars. There are more than 260000 people working under the Dominos group Dave Brandon (chairman), J.patrick Doyle (CEO), and Jeffrey Lawrence (CFO). The primary products of Domino's are Chicken wings, Pasta, sub marine sandwiches and Pizza. After 38 years of ownership in the year, 1998 Dominos founder Tom Monaghan decided to retire and announced his retirement. At the time of retirement is all 93% of the company to Bain capital for $1 billion Dollar and after a year the company named as Dave Brandon as he is the chief executive officer for Domino's. For more details or online ordering, we can directly visit the website and order online. It takes very less time to deliver to the right address.

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