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Dick Smith is an Australian businessman, Aviator, philanthropist, entrepreneurs, and political activist and more than that he is the father and founder of tits meet electronics foods an Australian Geography was established in the year 1986. Dick Smith was born on 18th March 1944. Dick Smith's father was a salesman and manager Angus and Robertson Book Store who Begin a business when Smith was at the age of 17 and his mother was a housewife. Smith was hopeless and have a defect in a speech he was poor in his Academics out of 47 he is to get a rank of 45 in his class. By this, we can understand that his interest is something that he can become something big. In the year 1968 $610 investment by him started a small business in Sydney. Slowly the business started growing and established as an electronic retail store in the country. Now it is known as DICK SMITH'S ELECTRONIC RETAIL STORE. Smith open its branch office and introduced business in Asian countries the year 1978. In the year 1982, the business was completely sold for Woolworths for 25 million dollars and the company displayed in every aspect of its functions the company displayed in every aspect of functions and disclosure of it and assistance in new Zealand and Australia. Smitha started another business which is called dick Smith foods in the year 1999 as a crusade against foreign ownership of Australian food producers.

1.First person to travel solo helicopter flight around the world in 1983.
2. Australian of the Year in 1986.
3. Started film production company and the name of the company is Smith and nasht in the year 2010.

Dick Smith achieved many awards and conducted many events in his business. There will be an assured guarantee for all the products which are manufactured by the Smith's company.

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