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Dan Murphy is an online liquor store which established in Australia which was owned by Woolworths Limited with 125 Liquor stores all over the world. This company will offer lowest liquor prices then compared to other stores. Daniel Francis Murphy is a Journalist, Wine maker and learned how to make wine and sell it online. The actual story was started with his father his name is Timothy Murphy in the year 1952 and till 1998 the store was very successful and in the year 1998 Murphy sold the company to Woolworths limited. Murphy played a key role in developing the business and it was the only company to stand and compete in the Australian market. It has become oligopoly in the Australian liquor market. After opening 5 different stores across Victoria. The key people of the company are Brad Banducci CEO, Woolworths Group, Campbell Stott, General Manager Dan Murphy's, Martin Smith, Managing Director Endeavour Drinks Group. The headquarters of the company is located in Alphington, Victoria, Australia and it has opened over 215 stores across the country and employed over 450 people in its business.

Dan Murphy offers its Customers Lowest price guarantee and best producer of wine in the Australian market. It is only company which can beat others in the market and in the year 2003 there was an Anti-Liquor policy to bankrupt the company due to business rivalry and this happened because there is no other company to beat Dan Murphy. The major reason for rivalry because of its acquisition and leadership in the market. Dan Murphy acquired some stores in the same year and reached it to 56 in the same year. It is planning to open 100 more stores in up coming 2-3 years. The only thing after ordering is that you can go to its official website and track your order by entering The order ID.

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