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Courier9 online courier tracking portal will help you to easily track Caratlane couriers olnine. You can track Caratlane courier current status using the AWB number / Consignment number / Order Id provided by Caratlane. You can also visit the Caratlane courier company or call the Caratlane courier customer support in case you are not able to track Caratlane shipment online.

Cartlane Track Order Online

Caratlane is an Indian e-commerce website which completely sells jewelry online. The company was founded in the year 2008 by Mithun Sacheti and Srinivas Gopalan in Tamilnadu and it is headquartered in South India in Tamilnadu. Mithun basically a Jewelry retailer and Srivas Gopalan who is an IT entrepreneur both collabarated to form Caratlane. Instead of Just collaboration and running a business. They both planned to design and sell jewelry online and there are many Vendors in the country Cartlane ties up with them and request various gems to sell those in Cartlane. In the year 2015, they maintained 10 different stores across the country with a variety of gems and designs. A US based company called Tiger Global was funding them since 2011. Due to Fund Raise in the year, 2015 Tiger Global invested 192 Crores in Cartlane. and making the sum by investing 392 crores by the Hedge fund. In the Year 2016, Titan acquired 62% stake in Cartlane for 354.94 Crores. On 20 August 2016 Cartlane designed and launched its app which is very useful to the customers in choosing their Earrings with Facial recognition and 3D Imaging technology. This app can be downloaded on Any Smart5 Phone which may be Tablet or Android Smart Phone. The app is specially designed for only Android Platform but we will get an update if it is optionally available to any other platforms like windows or iOS.

In the year 2011, Sapient Nitro, Dataquest, and JuxtConsult conducted a survey to know that which site is the best performer in the e-commerce industry in the country. Cartlane listed in top 20 of the other apps and also received an award for its usability and User-interface. As per the Alexa rankings of the domains cartlane was ranked as 13,882 as per 2015 records. You can visit the official website which is and you can order anything that you want. It has a good feature which is called tracking.

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